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Leadership in Turbulent Times!
Need an effective tool for leadership development?
Consider a weekend Staff Tour at Shiloh.

Inspire your leadership team with the stories of great American leaders by walking the very paths they walked. The leadership challenges these famous Americans confronted are the same we encounter today. Those human strengths, weaknesses and distractions that existed in the mid- nineteenth century still confront us today as we lead teams in a challenging economy. Significant events in the Battle of Shiloh are explored to discover ways your leadership group can address today's challenges.

The staff ride was one approach used by modern armies during the 20th century for development of their battlefield commanders. While continuing to be used by the military in the 21st century, it has become even more popular for corporate leaders and those who lead our federal, state and local governments. The Staff Tour at Shiloh is lead by David Stewart, director of Ascendant Consulting, an expert on the people and events the battle.

The Staff Tour at Shiloh is tailored to your needs, and is effective for a diversity of groups. The weekend offers exercises to refocus leadership skills, promote team building and cast a vision for growth. Concepts from Good to Great, The 7 Habits for Managers and other contemporary books on leadership and operational efficiency are woven into the tour creating excellent flashpoints for group discussions.

Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing, located nine miles south of Savannah, Tennessee and 20 miles north of Corinth, Mississippi, was the scene in April 1862 of one of the most significant battles in American history. Two future American presidents, three internationally famous literary figures, and many other persons of note participated in the battle.

Leadership and teamwork are inextricably intertwined, and the failure of either can have disastrous consequences in any endeavor. The Leadership in Action program offered by David Stewart and his team on the Shiloh battlefield illustrates that truth in a unique way. The casualties of failed leadership are buried in individual and mass graves sites on those grounds, and the program is structured to allow the participants to understand those realities by being where the events unfolded. The explanation of the players and consequences of their decisions, all in the context of the moving battle lines, was thought provoking and enjoyable, even for those who were not Civil War buffs. It was very well presented by David and his team and was an experience appreciated by our whole staff.

Jim Anderson
Anderson Crawley & Burke, PLLC
Attorneys and Counselors
Ridgeland, Mississippi

You both do an exceptional job of helping train our company's future leaders. Shiloh Civil War Tours Leadership In Action gets our people more engaged than any classroom training that I have ever been required to attend.

Brian M.
Logistics Manager, Fortune 500 Company